3 Really Bad Habits You’re Unaware You’re Practicing

Are you aware that there may be some things you’ve been doing that are really not good for your oral health? If you’re hesitantly shaking your head as you try to quickly think through every single thing you’ve done in the past week, then it might be time to consider our Southlake, TX team’s thoughts on the topic! If you can confidently say you haven’t done a single one, then you have earned our admiration and applause! If not, then it is high time you make a bit of a shift in your daily habits just to make sure your efforts in protecting your teeth and gums are on the up and up!

#1: You’re Drinking Something Sweet Or Acidic Before Bed

Are you drinking something before you close your eyes and drift off into dreamland? What is it? Is it water? If so, then you are in the clear. However, if you’re drinking something that can qualify as sweet or acidic, this is one choice you should most certainly rethink for the sake of your oral health. Remember that acids and sugars alike contribute to the breakdown of your enamel, which can encourage erosion, yellowing, and even the development of cavities! Skip the need for fillings and other care and instead, stick with water or nothing at all.

#2: You’re Not Looking At Food Before Biting

Are you quite the detective, taking a very close look at ingredients lists and checking your food for all manner of potential hazards before you take a bite? Or, do you tend to simply pick food up and dig right in before even really glancing in its direction? If the latter better describes you, then you may want to at least take a precursory look at the things you’re eating. Ensuring it’s not too hard, does not contain pits or seed or hard nuts, etc. will help you avoid oral health problems that require crowns (such as cracked teeth).

#3: You’re Flossing Most Of The Time

Our team reminds patients that flossing most of the time is not going to provide you with the oral health protection that flossing all of the time (every day) will ensure. You need daily flossing to avoid gum disease, decay, and more, so keep at it!

Learn Excellent Habits From Our Team

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