3 Benefits Of Any Type Of Mouthguard

You may discover that you need a special type of oral mouthguard for something that’s currently impacting you. If you’re someone suffering from bruxism disorder, which happens when you’re a person who grinds or clenches your teeth, the first line of defense is a mouthguard! When you suffer from sleep apnea, the treatment is the use of a mouthguard! While your initial reaction may be that you aren’t really sure how you feel about wearing a guard as you sleep at night, our Southlake, TX team would like to remind you of some serious benefits you won’t want to overlook!

#1: You Decide When You Wear Them

Our team reminds you that you decide when you wear an oral mouthguard of any kind! Of course, we will direct you regarding the frequency with which you should wear a mouthguard. However, in most instances, we will simply encourage you to use them as needed, which is very flexible (and convenient for you). For instance, if you need to treat bruxism or sleep apnea, we will tell you to place the mouthguard in your mouth before you get into bed. For an athletic mouthguard, you’ll put it in place before you engage in the chosen activity. Then, you’ll take it out when you’re through. It couldn’t be easier!

#2: They Prevent Problems

You hear us telling you that you should wear an oral mouthguard but what you might not be recognizing is that though they are simple, they can be extremely effective. Without any side effects, they will offer you preventive care by stopping issues before they result in serious damage. Stop bruxism so you keep teeth in one piece, stop sleep apnea so you avoid fatigue and other help problems, and even avoid sports-related injuries!

#3: They Don’t Interfere With Anything!

If you are taking medicine for anything, whether it’s for a cold or a chronic concern, you can wear an oral mouthguard without any worries. Why is that? Well, whether your guard is for bruxism disorder, sleep apnea, or anything else, it’s drug-free. You can treat your oral health concern without it getting in the way of any other treatment you’re providing for your oral health or your overall health.

Find Out How A Mouthguard Can Benefit You

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