Month: October 2018

Your All-Day Checklist For Safe Teeth And Gums

Have you ever thought about your entire day as it applies to your smile care? If you are like many patients that we see at our Southlake, TX practice, you may instead tend to get through your methods of oral health protection minute by minute. Fortunately, when you consider taking a bit of a step… Read more »

Sour Stuff: Suggestions For Smile Success

Sweet, sour…what’s it all mean for your smile? Well, when we talk about sweet things, you immediately think of sugar. As you know, sugar isn’t your smile’s friend but more of an enemy, as it can lead to the softening of your enamel and the development of tooth decay. Why? Well, because the bacteria that… Read more »

Bruxism Disorder: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

You may find out that you have bruxism disorder, then realize that even though you never noticed it, nobody else ever noticed it either! Is this possible? Or, have you simply been grinding and clenching away around friends and loved ones but nobody ever bothered to speak up? This can be a tricky topic for… Read more »

What To Do When You Notice Bleeding Gums!

There’s something that you’ve heard about before and that can be a symptom of underlying gum disease (or not!). It’s bleeding gums. When you notice at any given moment, whether during eating or brushing your teeth, that your gum tissue is bleeding, you may wonder what the appropriate response is! Are you always supposed to… Read more »

Colder Weather: Things You Aren’t Expecting (But Should!)

You know that the summertime is the right time for certain things, such as protecting yourself from extreme heat, the sun, and all that they bring. You know that there will be parties and barbeques and as a result, our Southlake, TX team encourages you to take measures to protect yourself and your smile health…. Read more »

Halloween Story Time Celebration 2018

What’s that? You have a kiddo who is super excited about Halloween and you’re fairly certain that you won’t be able to wait around all day for trick-or-treating? If only there was some place you could go earlier in the day! Good news: The Halloween Story Time Celebration in our Southlake, TX community is just… Read more »

When You Want A Snowy White Grin For Wintertime

Maybe you want your smile to simply reflect the brightness of freshly fallen snow because you get serious about the changing of the seasons. Or, perhaps it’s a bit more related to the fact that when winter shows up, so do the holidays, and so do about a million of your relatives that you tend… Read more »

Sensitivity And Your Smile: What Might Be Happening

You have heard of dental sensitivity before! However, until you actually experience this less than pleasant sensation, it might not be something you worry about. While we certainly don’t suggest becoming anxious about its development, our Southlake, TX team wants you to remember that you should probably come in to see us for a visit… Read more »

Use Those Remaining Dental Insurance Benefits ASAP!

While you may not really think of your dental insurance on a daily basis, this is something we think about and hear about every single day! As a result, our Southlake, TX team is more than happy to drop you an occasional reminder regarding the use of your benefits. Do you know much about the… Read more »

Painted Pumpkin Faire 2018

Do you and your children love this time of year because it’s pumpkin decorating season? If so, then consider entering your beautifully adorned pumpkins in the upcoming Painted Pumpkin Faire in our Southlake, TX community! You might even win a prize for your creativity! What Is This? The Painted Pumpkin Faire 2018 is a time-honored… Read more »