Quick Calcium Questions: Answers That Will Help!

You hear throughout your life, from doctors, your parents, even advertisements and health class, that you need to get enough calcium to remain strong. This applies to your bones, of course. Did you know that it applies to your oral health, too? So, if you’re feeling a little confused regarding calcium, what you should be doing for yourself, and how to protect your teeth, remember: Our Southlake, TX team is always on your side and ready to help! Think about answer to common questions to begin heading in the right direction.

Questions And Answers

Question: Who can I talk to when I’m trying to figure out how I’m doing with my calcium intake, if I need more of it, how much more, and what I need to do?

Answer: Of course, you may ask questions of our team when you’re curious about calcium! However, when it comes to your levels and your intake of vitamins and minerals, we certainly suggest spending some time with your doctor. You can learn about whether you’re getting enough and changes you can make if you need more. Remember that while you can find suggested amounts online through reliable sources, it’s still good to talk with your physician to ensure you’re getting what’s right for you.

Question: What if I don’t eat dairy? Is there going to be any way for me to get my calcium through my diet instead of just taking supplements?

Answer: If you are someone who does not eat dairy, rest assured: You will most certainly still be able to get enough calcium in your diet, so that you may protect your oral health and your general wellbeing! Keep in mind, that while there are many more options, foods like kale, fortified foods (like alternative milks and cereals), tofu, almonds, and dried figs are good sources!

Question: Will it really be a problem for my oral health if I’m not getting lots of calcium? I know that we need to eat nutritious diets and to supplement if we’re not getting enough of something but what will happen?

Answer: It’s true. Calcium assists you in keeping not only your body’s bones strong but your teeth, too! When you’re deficient, your teeth become weaker, which means they’re more susceptible to problems and even to breaking!

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