Month: September 2018

Smile Concerns: When It’s Not What You Think

We know that when you notice something that has to do with your smile, you immediately make some sort of decision regarding what you assume it is. Sometimes, you’ll be spot on! However, it’s also entirely possible that other times, you will be way off the mark! To ensure you don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress,… Read more »

Your Oral Health Problem: Right And Wrong Choices!

As you have likely already recognized, when we talk about caring for your smile at our Southlake, TX practice, we focus on all of the things that you can do to benefit your oral health! The goal, after all, is to make all of the right choices, so your teeth are healthy and strong, so… Read more »

Monster Mash 2018

It’s about that time once more: October is nearly here and you’re going to want to start planning ahead for all the parties and ghoulish get togethers on the horizon. Start writing down the dates and events, as you gather up candy for visiting trick-or-treaters and begin brainstorming for your costume! The first party to… Read more »

Your Excuses For Avoiding Checkups (That Don’t Count)

Sure, you could come up with a list varied and extensive as the day is long regarding reasons you just can’t come in for dental checkups (or reasons you don’t think you need them). While you might feel very justified and sure about your reasoning, we remind you that just about anything you come up… Read more »

Quick Calcium Questions: Answers That Will Help!

You hear throughout your life, from doctors, your parents, even advertisements and health class, that you need to get enough calcium to remain strong. This applies to your bones, of course. Did you know that it applies to your oral health, too? So, if you’re feeling a little confused regarding calcium, what you should be… Read more »

Canker Sores: Helping You Identify What’s Happening

You have heard of canker sores and you know that they’re nothing to worry about. However, whether you’ve had what you think are cankers throughout your life or you’ve never had one but, lo and behold, you think one has just cropped up, don’t worry: We can help you determine what you’re seeing. Curious about… Read more »

Your Smile: How We Help You Make It Look Better

You know that what you want is for your smile to look better. What you’re not so certain about, though, is exactly why your smile isn’t looking the way you’d like. You are curious, too, regarding how we help you with this particular area of concern. How it is that we can help you go… Read more »

Another MasterWorks Concert Is Almost Here!

Are you a big fan of the Southlake, TX MasterWorks Concerts that give you the chance to enjoy local live performances throughout spring, summer, and autumn? If so, you will want to be sure you clear your schedule for this September session! The cooler weather is approaching, which means this community series is getting closer… Read more »

Symptoms That Point To A Possible Infection

Remember that just like with the other tissues of your body, your oral tissues are susceptible to infection. You could end up with infected gum tissue, an infected sore, or even an infected tooth. Unfortunately, you won’t always recognize the problem for what it is right away. The good news? When you’re keeping up with… Read more »

Your Smile: Why You Feel It Is Unattractive (And How We Can Help)

What makes you feel so strongly that your smile is unattractive? There’s no need to tell us in your answer which treatment or treatments you think you need. Simply give us your immediate reaction. You might say, “It’s yellow!” You might say something like, “Everything is wrong with it!” You might respond with, “It just… Read more »