Music: What’s It Got To Do With Oral Health Care?

You might wonder why on earth we would bring up music at a time like this. You’re trying to be focused, clinical, and dedicated to your smile health. There’s no time for any funny business or fun, you say! Well, as a matter of fact, we’d like to correct you on that matter! Dental hygiene and your dental care at home can be enjoyable, especially if you add some melody into the mix. So, before you assume caring for your smile is all doldrums and never anything to smile or laugh about, think again! Our Southlake, TX practice wholeheartedly believes you can enjoy your smile care and stay loyal to your oral health.

It Can Make Dental Hygiene More Fun

Our team reminds you that when you’re practicing your dental hygiene, you could be having fun! Yes, we mentioned this already and if you’re having a hard time believing it, our solution is simple: Play music! When you’re brushing, flossing, etc., if you’re listening to a song that makes you smile, makes you dance, or generally puts you in a good mood, then you’ll probably be having a much better time than if you were just standing still, staring into the sink. Make your oral health care just another extension of your personality!

It Can Act As A Timer

Since you’re not interested in ending up with cavities and you know that when you brush your teeth, it should be taking you about two minutes, you’re definitely using some type of timing device, right? Well, whether you are (and it’s not very exciting) or you aren’t (but you’d be more than happy to, now that we mention it), it might be time to add some music into the moment! Find a song that hits the mark (two minutes) or find the part of a favorite song that’s at two minutes. Then, you can rely on listening to something you enjoy to let you know you’ve brushed to success!

It Can Help You Fall Asleep (Ahem, Sleep Apnea Sufferers)

Are you struggling with sleep apnea? If you are and you sometimes have a hard time falling asleep, then you’re probably not a very happy camper. While we certainly invite you to talk with us soon about sleep apnea treatment if you haven’t already, we also remind you that turning on some extremely calming music can help lull you into dreamland. Haven’t tried it yet? Give it a go!

See Us For Fun Tips For Your Oral Health Care

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