3 Times To Throw Out Your Toothbrush (And Buy New)

There are lots of things our Southlake, TX team can share with you regarding what type of toothbrush you should buy, how long your dental hygiene should take, and some issues you may be experiencing with your brush type that could negatively (or positively) impact your oral health. What you may not have a solid handle on just yet, however, is that in some cases, what you really need to know in the moment is that it’s time to throw out your toothbrush! Curious if you might be someone who needs to start with a fresh one at this very second? We can help!

#1: When You Drop Your Toothbrush Somewhere Gross

When you drop your toothbrush somewhere that doesn’t include a clean sink or countertop, you’ll probably want to throw it out. This could include dropping it on the floor, on your shoe, into the toilet, behind the sink, etc. Could you try to clean it and hope for the best? Of course. Or, you could avoid accidentally ingesting who-knows-what and instead get started with a brand new, sparklingly clean model of this oh-so-important dental hygiene item.

#2: When You Think Someone Else Used Your Brush

Our team reminds you that if you find out your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, spouse, uncle, child, etc. accidentally (or, perhaps intentionally!) used your toothbrush, it’s time to start over. Even when you are very close with someone like a spouse, it’s still not safe to share this dental hygiene item. It’s always best to keep your special blend of bacteria in your mouth and beneath your gum tissue to yourself in this way.

#3: When You Realize Your Brush Is Ancient

Want your toothbrush to actually do what it is supposed to do, so you can avoid cavities, gingivitis and more? If your brush is older than three months or four months, it’s practically considered an antique! Don’t keep them around any longer than this. Toss them out and begin again.

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