3 Things Expediting Your Smile Discoloration

As you know, just eating and using your mouth on a daily basis can lead to the slow discoloration of your smile. However, you may forget about the fact that there are some factors that can speed that staining right up! What are you doing on a fairly consistent basis that is expediting the yellowing of your teeth, you wonder? Fortunately, you don’t have to go into worry overload. While your preventive care always helps curtail the significance of stains from developing, there are still some details our Southlake, TX practice would like to share with you, so you are in the know! Of course, when you’re ready, our cosmetic care can help you whiten your teeth back up.

#1: Your Daily Cup(s) Of Coffee

Our team wants you to remember that your daily coffee intake is making your natural wear-and-tear that includes discoloration occur much faster. Why is that? Well, if you’ve ever spilled even a drop of coffee onto a white top, you know that you can have quite a time trying to get the stain out. Don’t forget that your teeth are porous. This means that they will partially absorb the pigments in your coffee, which will stain them over time. Drink water when you drink coffee, so you’re displacing those pigmented molecules!

#2: That Wine You Love So Much

Before you skip ahead because you only drink white wine, so you assume you’re in the clear, remember: It’s not just the pigments that come into play with what makes wine stain your smile, leaving you wanting teeth whitening. When your enamel (the outer, protective tooth layer of your teeth) becomes thin over time as a result of acidic drinks and physical erosion, your teeth become more likely to develop stains. Remember:

  • White wine is very acidic, which means it is definitely contributing to erosion
  • Very eroded teeth look yellow in part because the thinner the tissue, the more easily you can see the underlying yellow-hued dentin

#3: Your Overly Aggressive Brushing

Now you understand how erosion comes into play with smile discoloration. In addition to acids, physical erosion that’s simply caused by extreme brushing can make staining happen more quickly. Protect teeth with soft brushing instead.

See Us Soon For Teeth Brightening Care

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