Month: August 2018

Patient Case Feature: Porcelain Crowns!

What’s a patient to do when there’s already dentistry in place? If you have ever found yourself in want of teeth that looked whiter, as you deal with crowns or other dental work that has become damaged, you may worry that the undertaking will be far too grand. Good news: This is absolutely something we… Read more »

Sports Media Career Seminar

Does your son or daughter feel extremely passionate about sports? Do you have a child who loves the idea of a career in athletics that doesn’t include becoming a professional athlete? While this world may seem difficult to break into, it’s absolutely possible. Especially if you know what to expect very early on in the… Read more »

Treating Bruxism: Things To Keep In Mind

If grinding and clenching have taken hold of your smile and you’ve come to realize you have bruxism disorder, there may be many different ways you’ve responded to this news. Some patients shrug it off and ignore their need for bruxism treatment. Others begin right away as a preventive measure. Some want to come in… Read more »

3 Things Expediting Your Smile Discoloration

As you know, just eating and using your mouth on a daily basis can lead to the slow discoloration of your smile. However, you may forget about the fact that there are some factors that can speed that staining right up! What are you doing on a fairly consistent basis that is expediting the yellowing… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth And Whitening: What To Do?

When you really want a whiter smile but you have sensitive teeth, you may feel extremely protective of your smile and worried about making the wrong choice. You may hear little rumors that when you whiten, it can cause sensitivity. In some cases, this is true. In others, it’s not really something you need to… Read more »

Providing Dedicated Dental Care To The Whole Family

If you want your family photos full of bright, healthy smiles, you need to make sure everyone is enjoying quality oral care at home, and during regular dental checkups. Parents can be quick to recognize the value of pediatric dental checkups. These visits give you regular updates about the development of your child’s oral structures,… Read more »

Paint Party At The Ginger Man

Have you been hearing an awful lot for quite a long time about painting parties? Or, are you the one spreading the news because you love these creative nights out? In any case, you would be quite sad to miss the upcoming Paint Party at the Ginger Man, so grab your tickets! It’s everything you… Read more »

I Wish My Smile Looked Better Than It Does: Now What?

What’s the main thing you think about in regard to your smile? Do you sigh and reflect and wish that it looked better than it does at the current moment? Do you feel like, though you know you want improvement for its appearance, you don’t have a solid understanding of what you might require or… Read more »

3 Things You Might Notice When You Need A Cleaning

There are some sensations and experiences that may begin cropping up when what you really need is a dental cleaning. Whether you’re due right now for your cleaning with our Southlake, TX team or if it’s just been quite a while and you know you really should come in to see us already, the feelings… Read more »

Bonding: 3 B’s To Guide You Toward A Decision

Trying to decide if you’re ready for a cosmetic treatment and then selecting one in particular is not always the easiest thing to do. Fortunately, though, once you begin narrowing down what you might require and you think you’ve identified a solution, it really gets down to deciding whether that treatment will offer you the… Read more »