Your Massive Toothbrush: 3 Dangers You’re Overlooking

Are you using a very large toothbrush? It’s often easy to determine whether you’re using a large brush because, as you purchase this dental hygiene item, you’ll notice that it’s bigger than the other brushes on the aisle. It might have a pretty big head. It may have extra bristles or extra rubber pieces meant to massage your gum tissue. The handle may seem oversized. This can seem like a very good idea because you figure that you’ll be able to brush more efficiently. Unfortunately, if it’s too big for your smile, it will primarily lead to drawbacks instead of benefits! Find out more from our Southlake, TX team.

#1: You’re Not Reaching Every Surface

If you have an extremely large toothbrush that you’re attempting to thoughtfully wield throughout your mouth, you may think you’re hitting every surface. However, you’re probably missing some areas. A brush that’s too big won’t fit behind back teeth, will be difficult to manage on the cheek-facing sides of your teeth, and more. The result? You’ll become more prone to issues like cavities and gingivitis. Choose a brush that fits your smile instead!

#2: You’re Straining Your Jaws

If your brush is quite big, you may accidentally turn your dental hygiene session into a jaw straining session. Forcing your jaws open much wider than is necessary and for the two minutes required of effective brushing can be tiring for your jaws. The result? You may be contributing to an existing case of TMJ disorder or you may be guiding your oral health in that direction. Go easier on your TMJs and use a different brush.

#3: You’re Scraping Up Your Soft Tissue

When you’re cleaning your smile, you want to do so gently. As you know, when we clean your smile, we are careful to protect your soft tissues. When you’re brushing at home, you need to protect your gums, too, so that you don’t end up accidentally causing injury. When you use a toothbrush that is far too large for your mouth, you may end up with dental hygiene that lead to abraded gums. Don’t let this happen. Instead, downsize to a toothbrush that fits in your mouth with ease!

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