Sugarless Gum: Why Is It So Great?

You might feel like you have negative feelings ingrained in you about gum. You remember being told it’s not polite to smack your gum in front of other people. You know it’s not something you should chew in class. You may also have a vague memory of a parent telling you that it’s going to rot your teeth! While sugar-filled gum is certainly a bad choice (it can lead to decay), and we definitely aren’t going to insist you chew it in a classroom setting, there are some advantages of sugarless gum you may want to learn more about. Our Southlake, TX practice is more than happy to remind you about those characteristics of this yummy treat that can actually be quite beneficial for your oral health!

It’s (Kind Of) Replacing Your Brush (Temporarily)

No, you cannot do anything that will replace your twice-a-day brushing routine that you must do. However, you can use sugarless gum as a dental hygiene tool to protect your oral health between brushings when you need some additional cleansing to remove bits of food, etc.

It’s Helping To Neutralize Oral Acidity

Not really interested in ending up with damaged teeth? Hoping to stay away from the requirement for restorative care? Remember that acidity plays a big role in the softening of your enamel, damage, and even tooth decay. Instead of letting foods and drinks saturate your smile for extended periods of time, chew gum. It protects your oral health not only by physically helping to take away dangerous food particles. It also causes you to salivate, which subsequently neutralizes your smile!

It Freshens Your Breath!

Our team likes to remind you that when you’re dealing with some serious breath problems, you probably need to come in to talk with us about what’s going on. However, when your breath problem is temporary and quite obviously the result of indulging in something like a garlic-y pasta dish, sometimes you just need something to mask those spices! Turning to sugarless chewing gum can be just what you need in order to enjoy some quick freshening up (especially when you’re somewhere like work or on a date, when reaching for a toothbrush isn’t necessarily an option).

Gain Extra Smile Protection Tips From Us

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