Lights, Bright Screens, And Your Smile Health

You might not put two and two together when you get up from your cozy living room slumber each night to quickly brush your teeth and then get into bed when it’s followed by sleeplessness. There are some little things you might be doing when it comes to your dental hygiene that are cramping your ability to keep your usual schedule on track (and more). Of course, your Southlake, TX practice would love to help you connect the dots on some little actions you might be taking that are hurting you more than helping! Without further ado, let’s make sure you’re protecting your smile health without accidentally causing any consequences.

You’re Blasted With Nighttime Bright Lights

If you talk with us during a visit and tell our team that it’s the weirdest thing: You’re sleepy and relaxed before you brush and floss but then, once you get into bed, you’re wide awake … we might be able to help you out with this smile health dilemma! Consider the following problem that often ends up affecting lots of patients who cannot figure out why their attention to their oral health seems to be the precursor to insomnia. Whether you’re hanging out in dim lighting, you’ve fallen asleep on the couch, or you’ve fallen asleep in bed before you brush and floss, you might be causing some confusion. First, all is dark and cozy. Next, you hop up, head into the bathroom, turn the light on, do your thing, then you get back into bed. So, what’s the problem, you ask? It’s the overhead lights. You know they’re not sunlight but your brain thinks, “Rise and shine! The sun is out!” Find a way around this, which might mean using softer lighting or performing your hygiene before you get cozy.

You’re Checking Out Your Phone In Bed

What else might you be doing that’s causing your brain to say, “Uh, excuse me, I was nice and relaxed and you’re re-stimulating me!” … any idea? You really shouldn’t be staring at your phone when you’re snuggled up in bed. The lights are very confusing for your brain. What you’re doing might also be too stimulating: Are you reading? Shopping? Playing a game? Texting? You don’t want to be actively thinking right now! Nope. So, once you’re through with your smile health care for the evening and you get in bed, keep those lights off, keep your phone off, and give yourself the chance to go to sleep.

Avoid Oral Health Consequences By Visiting Us

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