Common Misconceptions: Figuring Out What You Can And Cannot Drink!

When you’re thirsty or craving your favorite beverage, you may notice that you feel pretty certain about the drinks that are (and are not) safe for your oral health. However, you’re not completely sure that when you’re choosing between two things, you’re making the right selection. Rather than accidentally open yourself up to injury or overlook a slight misunderstanding that may yield serious ramifications, we encourage you to get the facts! Don’t forget: One of our main goals is to offer you the education and information you require to be able to make wonderful decisions for your teeth and gums.

Misconceptions And Facts

Misconception: I know that juice is bad for my teeth but I’ve heard coffee is really dangerous!

Fact: You are spot-on with the idea that juice is dangerous for your oral health. It’s highly acidic and contains sugar (even natural sugars can encourage decay). As a result, it may lead to acid erosion and should be consumed minimally, when possible. While coffee seems like a worse offender, it actually isn’t. It is acidic but isn’t as dangerous as juice. It will stain your teeth, though, so be thoughtful about drinking water afterwards.

Misconception: I love drinking soda! I used to think it would be better to drink sparkling water instead but since they both have carbonation, I figure I might as well drink what I really like.

Fact: You’re not going to be damaging your oral health with a bit of carbonation. Sparkling water is actually fairly safe for your smile (just not as safe as still water). Unfortunately, all soda is dangerous for your teeth because it’s very acidic.

Misconception: I’ve been drinking enhanced water instead of pure water because I figure since water is safe for my teeth, I might as well get some additional benefits out of it!

Fact: Pure water is, of course, safe for your oral health. However, if you’re drinking any type of other “water drink” with other ingredients, you may be at risk. Acids, sugars, dyes, and more can contribute to oral issues like cavities (and stains may develop), so read ingredients closely!

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