Month: July 2018

3 Things To Consider Getting The Kiddos This School Year

You’ve heard from us that we think you should definitely get your child’s next dental visit on the books in preparation for the new, quickly approaching school year. However, we happen to have some additional thoughts! You’ve got a supply list coming your way as far as what your children need for educational purposes. So,… Read more »

Lights, Bright Screens, And Your Smile Health

You might not put two and two together when you get up from your cozy living room slumber each night to quickly brush your teeth and then get into bed when it’s followed by sleeplessness. There are some little things you might be doing when it comes to your dental hygiene that are cramping your… Read more »

Little Mishaps, Big Problems: Your Flossing Habits

Did you know that when you’re missing little details with your daily flossing, you’re missing plaque? Were you aware that when you miss plaque, it turns into tartar and then that builds up and threatens your overall oral health? If you’re feeling a bit nervous at this realization, we remind you: It’s very easy to… Read more »

Sugarless Gum: Why Is It So Great?

You might feel like you have negative feelings ingrained in you about gum. You remember being told it’s not polite to smack your gum in front of other people. You know it’s not something you should chew in class. You may also have a vague memory of a parent telling you that it’s going to… Read more »

Creative Hand Lettering Class: Teens And Adults

Ready to try your hand at some extraordinarily beautiful hand lettering? Ever wish you knew how to craft your own beautiful font for a card or some other piece of writing? Now is your chance with the upcoming Creative Hand Lettering Class in Southlake, TX! What Is This? Like it sounds, you have the chance… Read more »

Smile Care: Getting Ready For The 2018-2019 School Year!

While the temperatures appear to continue rising in Southlake, TX, making it seem as though we’re experiencing an endless summer, there truly is going to be an end. This is quite apparent when it comes to the fact that the 2018-2019 school year that was inching its way toward us now seems to be barreling… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Composite Veneers!

What better way to learn more about making your smile look much lovelier than by considering a real patient case? Today, we feature an individual who came to our Southlake, TX practice feeling less than enthusiastic about the way her smile looked as a result of gaps between some of her teeth. Simple. All we… Read more »

3 Daily Questions To Ask Yourself When You Don’t Want A Cavity

What types of questions do you ask yourself about your oral health on a daily basis? If you’re sort of shrugging your shoulders because, like most patients, you just go through your dental hygiene routine, figure you’re doing a good job, and leave it at that, then we have some ideas for you! When you… Read more »

Your Massive Toothbrush: 3 Dangers You’re Overlooking

Are you using a very large toothbrush? It’s often easy to determine whether you’re using a large brush because, as you purchase this dental hygiene item, you’ll notice that it’s bigger than the other brushes on the aisle. It might have a pretty big head. It may have extra bristles or extra rubber pieces meant… Read more »

Pups In The Park 2018

Just about everything becomes cuter and more fun when it involves your pup, right? Of course! That happens to be the thinking behind the upcoming Pups In The Park 2018 event, which is why you should most certainly bring your little bundle of fluff along with you to partake in some pooch-focused activities (and it’s… Read more »