Summer Heat: Things To Consider

When the temps go up, you often hear advertisements for things that will help you “beat the heat.” While you may be familiar with cooling yourself off, you may not have ever taken time to consider what this means for your mouth. When we’re discussing heat in regard to your oral health, we mean more than one thing! Think through the details, so you’re keeping your smile protected against lots of discomfort.

It’s Hot Outside!

The summer heat can quickly lead to dehydration. If you’re active, you’re spending more time outdoors, your AC is out, etc., you may lose moisture from your body more rapidly than you’re replacing it. This can mean bad stuff for your health and for your mouth, too! You need moisture for oral health, good breath, effective chewing, and more. So, drink more water this summer to prevent problems related to high temps.

Hot Foods Can Be Dangerous

Don’t forget that when you take a big gulp or big bite of hot food, you can burn your oral tissues. When something is hot, give it time to cool, add ice cubes, check it with your finger first, etc. This is a very easy way to protect your oral health from accidental injury (so that you can actually enjoy those summer BBQs you’re attending).

“Heat” Is Often An Irritant

You may love your food as spicy as you can get it but your mouth may not agree. Whether you have a sore, your gums are irritated, or even if your smile is in perfect health, sometimes heat isn’t what you want. If you notice spicier foods irritate your gum tissue, back off to protect your oral health.

Keep Your Summer Smile Safe With Our Help

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