Stuff You Don’t Realize Is A Super Smile Hazard

There are some super smile hazards out there! Unfortunately, some of them are very obvious but others are not. You might even think that you’re enjoying something that’s a “safe alternative” to a not-so-wise option only to discover you are off the mark! While a spoonful of table sugar or a big sweet coffee drink are obvious, consider some under-the-radar stuff that can guide you straight toward oral health problems like tooth decay. When you get to know a few culprits, spotting more in the future becomes easy.

Diet Soda

Ooh, good for you! You gave up sugary sodas and now you’re drinking … oh, no. Nope. Sorry to report that this is still not a wise choice! In fact, it’s a smile hazard! So, why is diet soda on the “not good for your oral health” list? It’s not the sweetener. It’s the fact that it’s acidic. It can lead to the slow yet steady destruction of your enamel. You’re going to have to skip the soda pop altogether.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods pose oh so many problems for your oral health. First, they are sticky, which means they can get stuck and can ruin work you’ve had done. Next, lots of sticky foods are full of sugar. If you’re eating candy or dried fruit, for instance, that sugar is going to quickly coat your teeth, which is what the bacteria in your mouth love! They’ll enjoy a meal, they’ll release acids, and your smile will be exposed to a greater risk of decay (and more).

Those Flavored Waters

Yes, it seems like water but it might contain sugar. It might be acidic. Check that label before you drink!

Gather A List Of Things To Avoid

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