Symptoms: All The Ways You’re Getting Them Wrong

You may think you have a pretty firm grasp on what to make of symptoms, how to use them to your advantage to protect your dental health, and what they mean. However, there’s a slight (okay, or a pretty big) chance that you’ve got it all wrong! How to know whether you really know what you’re doing when it comes to these little alerts and changes? Consider our explanations about what you might be misunderstanding and you’ll know just what to make of dental symptoms.

They Aren’t A Surefire Alert

Symptoms are something patients often wait for in order to decide that it’s time to see our dental team. We do not suggest taking this approach. The thing is: Symptoms are not reliable as far as alerting you. They might appear. They may appear late in the game. They might not show up at all. Of course, there’s a chance a change will take place and will let you know you should call us. However, it’s too big a gamble to rely on them wholly. Instead, your preventive visits should be taking place every six months no matter what.

Ignoring Them Can Be A Big Mistake

When you ignore the symptoms that do show up, you’re making a mistake. When they are present, they tend to let you know that your dental health may need some help. Rather than just sweeping them under the rug, so to speak, simply take time for a checkup. It’s worth it.

It’s Not Necessarily What You Think It Is

It’s difficult to symptom spot and get the details right. As a result, you may sabotage your dental health! For instance, what you think is a small cavity could be a serious infection. See us about your smile immediately when symptoms occur.

Learn More About Responding To Symptoms With Us

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