Smile Care: 3 Lists To Keep

When you’re doing okay with your smile care but you wish you could say your experience was amazing, one thing you can do for quick improvement is to begin keeping lists. If this isn’t something you already do on your own, getting started will prove very easy and surprisingly effective. Consider a few types of lists you might want to keep (and come up with your own, if you’d like), so doing everything you can to achieve wonderful oral health becomes so much easier!

#1: A Daily Checklist Of Hygiene

Keep a list going regarding the smile care you’re working your way through at home. If you tend to occasionally rush through a session or even skip one, this will give you a visual, real understanding of how you’re doing on a day-to-day, week-by-week basis. When you see that you’ve completed two brushing sessions that last two minutes every day and a full flossing session daily, you’ll know you’re on track.

#2: A Grocery List

You should keep a grocery list! Oh, and it should include whatever products you require for your smile! As a result, you can feel certain that you’ll never end up having gone shopping throughout the week only to still somehow manage to run out of a particular food or a dental hygiene item you can’t live without!

#3: A Question List

Has this ever happened to you?: You come in for a visit and you knew you had some questions but you cannot seem to remember what you were going to ask. You go home after your smile care visit. Then, suddenly, you remember! Keep a list and carry it with you, so this doesn’t happen.

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