Fillings: Things You’re Hoping Are True (But Are Not)!

If you’ve got a lot of facts filling your head in regard to dental fillings, then protecting your smile becomes so much easier to do. Remember, when you’re knowledgeable about fillings, it’s easy to motivate yourself to receive them the moment we say it’s time. Ready for a deeper look into these restorations? Let’s go!

“I’m Immune To Cavity Development!”

Okay, to be fair, there’s a little tiny percentage of our population that doesn’t develop cavities. While there’s the slightest possibility that this is you, it’s not likely. What you must note further is that whether or not dental fillings will ever be necessary for you, it’s still 100 percent essential that you put in the work required to prevent needing them. Why, you ask? Well, because it’s the same work that goes into helping you protect every other aspect of your oral health (like avoiding gum disease!).

“My Cavities Don’t Grow Very Quickly”

It would be nice to know that once you discover you have a cavity and that you will need a dental filling, you could simply come in at your leisure (whether a month from the diagnosis or 10 years down the line!). However, assuming you’re lucky and have slowly progressing decay isn’t something to bet on. While you may not develop significant discomfort or other obvious signs of progression, the cavity will indeed get worse. Wait too long and you will come in and learn that you’ve got such serious decay, you can’t even qualify for a filling anymore! Instead, it could be time for a root canal, a crown, or even an extraction! Get the filling ASAP instead.

Get Your Filling With Us Right Away

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