Bad Breath: 2 Connections You’re Not Making

You might feel like you try and try but nothing works as you try to get rid of your bad breath. Unfortunately, you may simply not be making some connections between a particular habit, behavior, belief, or problem, and the fact that it may be the reason behind your not-so-lovely breath. Let us introduce some potential issues to take into consideration (and remember to see us soon for help).

#1: It Might Be Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you might not put two and two together to realize that your congestion could be the cause of your bad breath. First, recognize that post-nasal drip can cause a yucky smell that is interpreted as bad breath. Second, remember that when you can’t breathe through your nose, you breathe through your mouth. This can dry oral tissues out, which lets bacteria run rampant. Bacterial accumulation equals bad breath. There you have it.

#2: Your Care Can’t Only Take Place At Home

“But I take excellent care of my smile!” you might think to yourself. After all, you care for your smile with brushing and flossing and you never even miss a session. How could you have bad breath if you’re keeping your smile super clean? The thing is, even if you’re exceptional with the care you provide at home, you are still developing some amount of building up of plaque and tartar. This is because bits escape your brush and floss and only we can make them go away with our techniques and professional instruments. It’s enough to cause bad breath. See us for your twice-a-year visits to resolve your problem.

See Our Team Today For Bad Breath Help

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