Month: May 2018

My Teeth Don’t Hurt! I Must Be Fine…Right?

When you talk with friends or family members about your smile, perhaps because you know it’s time for dental care but you really don’t feel like scheduling an appointment, you come up with some rationalizations. Namely, you determine that since your teeth feel just fine and there’s no pain, there’s probably not a thing to… Read more »

Athletic Mouthguards: Only For Kids?

Have you ever purchased an athletic mouthguard for your child’s smile? Perhaps you used to wear one when you were younger but now, though you’re an active adult, the thought never crossed your mind! While we know you may feel more responsible, coordinated, and capable of dodging elbows and balls, you’re actually not as immune… Read more »

Do You Have Braces? Remember 3 Things.

Do you have braces? Are you feeling a little unsure about things as an adult orthodontics patient but you really want to succeed? No worries! Keep a few things in mind that will help guide you through successful treatment when it comes to maintaining your oral health (and your optimism) and you’ll be enjoying your… Read more »

Loose Teeth: Should I Worry?

There are problems and symptoms that arise for which you’re already certain regarding the correct response. When you notice a canker sore, you don’t worry. You simply keep it clean as it heals. When you notice tooth pain, you don’t worry. You just call us up, schedule a visit, and come in to find out… Read more »

Smile Care: 3 Lists To Keep

When you’re doing okay with your smile care but you wish you could say your experience was amazing, one thing you can do for quick improvement is to begin keeping lists. If this isn’t something you already do on your own, getting started will prove very easy and surprisingly effective. Consider a few types of… Read more »

Senior Center: Blood Pressure Checks

Calling all Southlake seniors! Have you been keeping up with your blood pressure? Can’t say you really have the faintest idea what your systolic over diastolic pressure might be? Well, the community happens to offer an upcoming event to fix just that with Senior Center: Blood Pressure Checks! What Is This Event? It’s an opportunity… Read more »

Symptoms: All The Ways You’re Getting Them Wrong

You may think you have a pretty firm grasp on what to make of symptoms, how to use them to your advantage to protect your dental health, and what they mean. However, there’s a slight (okay, or a pretty big) chance that you’ve got it all wrong! How to know whether you really know what… Read more »

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong About Electric Toothbrushes

Have you always thought it might be cool to use an electric toothbrush but somehow, actually purchasing one and using it has never come to pass? Are there some details you don’t know about this type of oral health product and, as a result, it ends up preventing you from actually following through with giving… Read more »

Prevention Saves Your Teeth And Also…

You know that preventive dentistry saves your teeth and gums. This is the reason we’re always reminding you that prevention is so important. You need to do it at home. You need to let us help you with preventive visits. When you do so, you’re not rescuing your teeth from problems that have developed but… Read more »

Here Come The Weddings! Why See Us Today?

The second the weather is no longer chilly, the invitations for weddings start rolling in! Or, of course, your plans for your own wedding are wrapping up and the big day is steadily approaching. Whether you’re attending someone else’s or gearing up for your own, there’s always a list of things you need to get… Read more »