Pregnancy Gingivitis: What’s The Deal?

Along with all of the other changes you experience while you’re pregnant, some you may never have even heard of before, there’s something that can affect your oral health: You may hear it referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. It doesn’t mean that you’re taking horrible care of your smile. To the contrary, you may be taking very good care of your teeth and gums and still notice this change (or we might notice it for you). What’s going on and what to do, you wonder? We can calm your nerves on this one!

Why Is It Here In The First Place?

Why is your pregnancy gingivitis occurring, you ask yourself? You do everything the same way you’ve always done it. You brush (twice a day). You floss, too (once a day). It’s always helped you maintain healthy gum tissue before, so why not now? What you’re missing is this fact: Your surge in hormones makes your gum tissue more likely to become irritated and upset as a result of plaque. Even if you’re caring for your smile, your extra sensitive gums become more likely to become inflamed.

Will It Go Away?

After you have your baby, you can generally expect the pregnancy gingivitis to go away, assuming you cared for your smile throughout your pregnancy. It can be a little alarming and frustrating, of course, but when you know why it’s happening and what to do, there’s nothing to worry about.

What Should I Do?

You should see us. Remember that it’s important to come in during pregnancy, not something you should avoid. We can monitor your gum health, clean your smile, and offer you suggestions to help you protect your gums throughout this special time.

See Us For Visits During Pregnancy

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