Cavity Consequences: When You Don’t Get Your Filling Soon Enough

If you’re worried that there’s a tiny window of time within which you can either get your dental filling or find yourself faced with severe consequences, don’t stress: Once you find out you have a cavity, in most instances you have enough time to schedule a visit that works for your calendar. You can then come in, receive the filling, say goodbye to the possible complexities that could have arisen had you neglected the decay, and you’re back to life as usual. Now, about those possible consequences we keep mentioning, do you know what they are? Let’s talk about them, so you remember to set up that filling ASAP, should you need one.

Your Tooth Becomes Fragile

If you don’t get the dental filling you need when you need it, you’ll have a hole in your tooth that isn’t going away. What it is doing is making the tissue that’s still standing vulnerable to becoming broken. Since you don’t want your tooth to break (partly because you may then end up needing a crown or even an extraction), choosing a filling right away is best.

Your Decay Will Turn Into Something More Complicated

A dental filling may suddenly not suffice! This is not something that you want to deal with if you can help it because fillings are the more budget-friendly, highly convenient solution that will allow you to continue using your natural tooth as is without covering it or removing it. Here’s what you should know if you neglect a cavity:

  • You may end up needing a crown due to a too-large cavity
  • You may require a root canal if infection takes place
  • You may need tooth removal if the problem becomes too severe

Protect Teeth From Further Damage With Fillings

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