A New Perspective On Tooth Decay

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping tooth decay away, then it’s entirely possible you simply need to adopt a new perspective. You may have ideas about it that are helping you a little bit but not quite enough to protect you from the development of cavities. Consider new information that may never have occurred to you and your ability to safeguard your oral tissues and keep teeth clean may become so much easier to accomplish.

We Can Often See It Coming

We can often see the earliest development of tooth decay. Early enough, in fact, that rather than going home and feeling that you cannot stop a cavity from forming, you can head home with directions from our team as to how to rebuild your softening enamel. Remember: This is only possible when you’re consistent with your checkups!

Avoidance Is Not Only About Brushing And Flossing

Avoiding tooth decay is not strictly about brushing and flossing your smile. It’s about preventing plaque from sitting on teeth, of course, but it’s also about keeping your enamel safe and strong. Consider the following tips:

  • Stop overdoing it with acidic or sugary foods and drinks, which can damage enamel and increase the chance of tooth decay
  • Drink more water to rinse food and bacteria away and to prevent dry mouth, which can encourage decay

It Has Some Truly Destructive Power!

Tooth decay can cause some serious damage to your teeth! Not only may small cavities form but also medium to large cavities may develop. You can also end up with destroyed teeth and infections. Take this to heart and you may have the motivation you need to become more serious about checkups, cleanings, and home care.

Prepare Your Smile For Success With Cleanings And Checkups

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