A Few Helpful Facts: Dental Emergency Or Not?

There are many types of trauma that may suddenly affect your smile, leaving you requiring a dental emergency visit with us. The problem that often comes up for patients includes the following question: Is this considered an emergency or not? While it would take quite a while to list out every single possible thing that we might consider an “emergency,” it’s not that hard to share with you some common issues that come up that cause patients to take pause, wondering whether or not they should call. These will help you further determine whether something that happens to your grin warrants an immediate visit!

Your Dental Work Seems Damaged

What type of dental work do you have in your mouth? If it’s a crown or filling, then it’s helping prevent bacteria from entering your tooth. If it becomes damaged, this is certainly worthy of an emergency dental visit. Do you have a prosthetic that allows you to speak and chew? If this becomes damaged, it’s urgent!

You Have Something Stuck Somewhere

What’s stuck in your smile? Do you have a popcorn kernel stuck between your tooth and your gum tissue? Floss lodged between your tooth and another tooth? Maybe you have food that’s gotten lodged between teeth. If something is stuck, it’s time for an emergency dental visit (which is preferable to you trying to dislodge it on your own).

You Really Hurt

Dealing with some serious pain? Don’t try to put on a brave face and pretend everything is okay. Instead, pay attention to the fact that pain is a warning. Schedule an emergency dental visit!

Schedule An Emergency Dental Visit With Us ASAP!

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