Month: April 2018

What Causes Gum Disease?

According to studies from the Centers for Disease Control, half of adults aged 30 and older suffer from some stage of gum disease. Without treatment, periodontal disease can lead to serious complications. What causes gum disease, and what steps can you take to keep your smile healthy?

A New Perspective On Tooth Decay

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping tooth decay away, then it’s entirely possible you simply need to adopt a new perspective. You may have ideas about it that are helping you a little bit but not quite enough to protect you from the development of cavities. Consider new information that may never have… Read more »

Mother’s Day Is Coming! Are You Ready?

It’s just about time to take the day to tell your mom how much you appreciate her: Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you started shopping yet? Do you have preliminary list of possibilities going but you haven’t made any final decisions? We know that it’s very easy to instantly head out with… Read more »

Spring Family Campout (Ages 3+)

Have you been thinking that if you’re going to camp, now would be a good time to do it? The weather is warming up but it’s still early enough that the forecast isn’t calling for excruciating heat just yet. If so, it may be time to soak up these beautiful spring temps with our community’s… Read more »

Improve These Things For Enjoyable Flossing

When you want to enjoy your flossing, or at least feel neutral about it, rather than sort of strongly disliking it (to put things delicately), well … you may feel like there’s nothing you can do. You might assume that as a collective, society tends to simply hate flossing. The truth is, lots of people… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: What’s Next For Me?

You may wonder what’s next for you once you receive your root canal treatment. Of course, you know that the goal of the restorative service is to treat and save a tooth that is just not doing well. It may be damaged within its structure or it may be infected. In any case, the root… Read more »

Common Questions About Tooth Extraction

Helping you maintain your healthy and beautiful smile is often as simple as keeping up with good hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly for preventive care. Sometimes, however, it requires more direct care, such as restoring a tooth’s damage or removing infected tooth structure. In severe cases, the best way to preserve your smile is… Read more »

Q&A: Tidbits About Tori

You may have heard of tori before and may even know that this is the term with which to refer to the bony structures that have developed in your mouth. Though you may have either figured this out on your own or have been told by our team that this is what’s shown up, that… Read more »

Fudtruky Event

Did somebody say food truck? Yes, you heard that correctly! The Fudtruky event (pronounced food-trucky) is heading to our community! If you think it’s got something to do with tons of great food and you’re hoping it’s for a good cause, then you’re right on target! The Event Fudtruky is an event that gives you… Read more »

Dental Implants: Day To Day Benefits

When the priority at the moment is replacing your teeth and you’re thinking that you may wish to choose dental implants, you know that they are touted as the best of the best for mimicking natural teeth. However, you may not feel fully clued into what this really means for you. What you want is… Read more »