Will I Be Able To Eat After My Surgical Extraction?

When you’re trying to schedule an important dental extraction for yourself, you may begin wondering how it will affect your daily schedule. As a result, this may have some impact on the date and time you choose for yourself! While you know that you’re going to need to have time to rest for a couple days before returning to work (and a bit longer before getting back to your exercising), you may be a bit more focused on your eating schedule. Will you be able to eat after your extraction, you wonder? Let’s sort through the timeline!

The Day Of Your Extraction

While everyone heals at different paces, there’s one thing that is for certain: No matter who you are, if you receive a surgical dental extraction, you are not going to be able to eat the full diet you usually enjoy on a daily basis on the day of your dental extraction. Instead, you will need to remember that the first day or two will need to include soft, lukewarm or cool foods (nothing difficult to chew or hot). Remember that the body’s natural clotting process is essential in effective healing. If you eat anything too hard, food gets stuck within the socket, or you disrupt the clot (by sucking or spitting), it could result in negative side effects. You should avoid carbonated beverages, as well.

The Next Week Or So

You may still be just a bit sore by day three or so and you will need to ensure you’re not doing anything to interrupt the healing of your dental extraction site. You may include additional foods in your diet but only if you can comfortably chew them. Continue to introduce new foods as long as it feels okay. You will also need to continue allowing the extraction site to heal, so it may be best to avoid foods with tiny parts (like strawberries and their seeds), very hot foods, spicy foods, etc. It may be as long as one to two weeks before you’re back to your usual diet and lifestyle. We will offer further specifics during your visit.

Learn More About Extraction Healing

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