St. Patrick’s Day: Green Drink Warnings!

What’s funnier than drinking a green-hued drink in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and then smiling a monstrously green smile at your friends? Nothing! However, as you may have already guessed, from an oral health perspective, we’ve got some things to say about this silly party trick! Learn more about some minor hazards to keep in mind as you’re celebrating on March 17th. The lessons will keep your smile safe throughout the holiday (and beyond).

They Can Stain

Green drinks temporarily stain your smile. They probably stain your tongue and lips, too. Use this moment to realize that those strong pigments are what can lead to serious discoloration over time. Visualize the green coloring on your smile as dye that is slowly yet surely permanently changing the color of your teeth. Now, think of other similar beverages like coffee, red wine, grape juice, and more that can leave a cast. Does this make you feel the urge to run to the restroom to rinse your smile off? You can go ahead and simply sip some water to start. Then, of course, head to your nearest sink to brush and you’ll keep possible stains at bay and your oral health protected!

They Are Probably Acidic

Water is neutral and milk is not far behind. However, when you’re heading into the territory of other beverages on St. Patrick’s Day, chances are good you’re guzzling something acidic. Whether it’s tinted beer, juice, coffee, iced tea, or anything else, the acid levels contribute to the softening of your teeth (your enamel, that is). One beverage won’t lead to serious oral health damage. However, over time, as you continue drinking acidic drinks, enamel can become injured due to what we call acid erosion. The aforementioned water sipping and brushing will work wonders to prevent it.

Enjoy Your Life While Caring For Teeth With Tips

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