Seasonal Allergies: Causing Confusion

What do you find yourself doing for a good portion of the spring season? Do you spend time outdoors, lying in the grass, smelling the flowers, and soaking up the warmer weather? Or, do you find yourself doing all that you can to avoid contact with pollens, to breathe through a tissue, and to avoid anything that might make your allergies worse? If you answered with something similar to the latter, then it may be time for you to learn a bit about what this might mean for your dental health!

Uncomfortable Teeth

Think about what allergies do to your head. First, they narrow sinus and nasal passages due to inflammation. Then, mucus cannot get out as easily, which means pressure builds. Now, think about where your sinuses are (you have some resting above your teeth). They may press against upper tooth roots, which can make you think the discomfort is due to dental health problems. When unsure, see us!

That Bad Taste In Your Mouth

You may think that the bad taste in your mouth points to a tooth infection, particularly if you’re dealing with any sort of tooth pain. However, what you may be overlooking is that your inability to breathe freely through your nose may be the culprit, which is causing dry mouth. Did you know that just because you’re someone with seasonal allergies that you can end up with a yucky or metallic taste in your mouth until the allergies subside? While you may need to take some time to determine whether taste changes or new sensations are due to blocked airways, dry mouth, medicine, or all of the above, you can rest easy knowing it’s possibly one of the above, rather than your dental health. Not certain? Come on in!

Protect Your Smile This Spring With Our Care

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