Protect Your Smile: Things You’re Forgetting To Clean

You know that you should be cleaning your smile by practicing dental hygiene, of course. You also know that you should clean off your toothbrush once you’re finished, so your brush is safe and effective for use. However, did you know that there may be some other things you should clean in order to protect your oral health? If you can’t quite think of anything off the top of your head, take a moment to think through our advice. Not to worry: They’re simple yet very helpful suggestions!

Your Toothbrush Cup Or Holder

Your toothbrush cup or holder is nice and clean when you first start using it. Then, it gets wet. Then, bacteria end up on it. Then, over time, it’s exposed to additional moisture when you shower. Germs and bacteria from your mouth continue to build up on it. The result? It gets dirty, grimy, and can become unsafe for your use! Keep it safe and useful by simply cleaning it regularly to prevent problems for your oral health.

Your Hands

Clean your hands by washing them if you want to know you’re really protecting your oral health and overall health. It’s the difference between spreading germs and bacteria from fingertips onto and into your mouth or simply not letting that happen.

Your Counter

Are you placing your toothbrush on your counter? Maybe you leave it there to dry. Perhaps you set it down as you’re getting ready to brush your teeth. Whatever the case, remember that dental hygiene is supposed to clean your smile. Avoid introducing a whole host of germs and bacteria by keeping your countertops clean!

Protect Your Smile With Dental Care Advice

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