3 Reasons Your Teeth Might Feel Sensitive

What’s with the dental sensitivity, you wonder to yourself? Perhaps you spent most of your life with teeth that you rarely even thought about. Now, with every movement, bite into food, etc., you notice that your teeth are quite sensitive and you don’t like it! Though you know you’re probably going to need our help to get to the bottom of things (and find a way to make the issue better), we’re happy to steer you toward some possible explanations for right now.

Reason #1: It May Be Bruxism

What you’re dealing with might be the result of bruxism. If you have never heard of this before, the easiest way to break down the details is as follows: This is not something you’re doing because you’re trying. It’s involuntary. However, it’s probably happening daily. You may be grinding teeth together. Or, you may be clenching. Either (or both) can cause dental sensitivity.

Reason #2: Your Brushing Is Far Too Hard

If you brush too hard, dental sensitivity is very likely. First, of course, this is true because like anything else, if you scrub too hard and irritate your smile, it’s not going to feel very good as a result. Then, of course, there’s the fact that you can accidentally erode your tooth enamel and you can cause gum recession, which exposes part of your roots.

Reason #3: Acid Erosion Is Causing It

If you gulp down very acidic drinks every day (which is usually anything other than water or milk), then you might be causing your enamel to soften. As it softens, you slowly strip it away. The result? Definitely dental sensitivity!

Discover A Solution For Sensitive Teeth During A Visit

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