Your Little One’s Smile: A Couple Helpful Milestones

You may find yourself asking questions, such as when you should start brushing your child’s teeth. Then, you may wonder if the day you begin brushing should be the same day you start to floss that adorable little smile. Then, of course, more questions follow. To get you started out on some introductory details for your son or daughter, we offer up a couple big milestones. The details will be easy to remember, which will help you protect your child’s oral health from the get go!

When The First Tooth Arrives

The very first tooth that arrives in your child’s smile will create quite a monumental moment! In addition to being quite a milestone in development that puts a smile on your face, it also serves as a signal for a couple oral health related details. Keep the following in mind:

  • When the first tooth arrives, this is letting you know it’s time to schedule your child’s first visit
  • When the first tooth arrives, it is time to begin brushing (or, you may continue to clean gums and the tooth with a damp cloth)

When Two Teeth Touch

It’s not necessary to floss teeth that are standing alone without a neighboring tooth. However, the moment one tooth is joined by a neighboring tooth that makes contact (or that almost makes contact), it is time to get out that dental floss! Gently floss between your little one’s teeth on a daily basis to ensure you thoroughly remove plaque and any food that may have become trapped. Continue to floss as teeth grow in next to one another for excellent oral health protection.  

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit With Us!

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