Surprising Yellowing Cause: Erosion

Have you been spending more time lately trying to figure out why your teeth look yellow than seeking a treatment? You know, of course, that when you are ready, all you have to do is spend a bit of time speaking with our team about how we can return your smile to a brilliant white finish. As for the surprising reasons your smile may not be a glimmering snowy hue at the moment, one of those potential causes is erosion! Never considered it? Let’s review the details.

Why Your Teeth Appear Yellow

The reason erosion may be causing your yellowed smile follows: Your enamel is translucent and reflects light well. This gives your teeth a white appearance. The layer beneath, your dentin, is yellow. When your enamel is eroded, dentin becomes visible through it, giving your smile a yellow tint.

Aggressive Brushing

What’s your brushing style like? Is it nice and easy, gentle, and thorough? Are you shaking your head “no” because it’s quite aggressive? When you’re too aggressive, forceful, etc., you may wear your enamel away. This type of erosion can remove enamel, which leaves dentin exposed!

Acid Erosion

You may be consuming food and beverages that are acidic (or your mouth may become quite acidic). Here’s what we mean: Your saliva helps neutralize the pH in your mouth, which keeps acidity to a minimum, which protects enamel. However, other factors may come into play, allowing acidity to become more intense and softening your enamel. Over time, the minerals that make up this tooth layer wear down and become thin, slowly eroding. Potential causes may include drinking acidic drinks (which is almost anything other than water, such as wine, soda, coffee, tea, and juice). Or, if you’re not cleaning your smile or you’re dealing with dry mouth, acidity may take over.

Protect Your Smile With Our Care

If erosion is affecting your smile, we strongly encourage you to seek our professional assistance to help protect your teeth with dental care. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and surrounding areas.