Extractions: 2 Times It Has Nothing To Do With Your Care

In some cases, you don’t take excellent care of your smile. As a result, certain things can happen that may lead to the need for the removal of a tooth. You might end up with very serious decay that we cannot treat. You might break a tooth that has a large cavity in it. Maybe you eat something that’s too hard and crack a tooth. Perhaps an infection forms! As you’ve noticed, there are many roads toward extraction. What you may be overlooking is that there are also a couple paths toward dental extractions that have absolutely nothing to do with your dental care. Find out more!

#1: When Your Smile Is Simply Overcrowded

Your smile might be overcrowded, which is why you require dental extractions. Through no fault of your own, the space that your jawbones provide is not enough for your teeth. The result? You may have crooked and overlapping teeth. In order to get things aligned, you will need orthodontics. However, before your smile can become straightened out, you may need some permanent teeth removed. The simple fact is that you need additional room first!

#2: When Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out

Sure, it’s possible for your wisdom teeth to develop correctly, for you to care for them poorly, and for them to require dental extractions as a result. However, that’s not what we are talking about at the moment. We’re discussing the wisdom teeth problems that have absolutely nothing to do with your care and everything to do with their natural development. For some people, the wisdom teeth come in on a strange angle that’s dangerous for your smile. For others, they don’t come in but instead become impacted. These teeth will need to be removed in order for your oral health to remain in good standing!

Find Out More About Extractions During Visits

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