3 Very Obvious Bruxism Signs (You’re Overlooking)

As you may have heard if you know anything about bruxism disorder, it’s not always the easiest thing to recognize. As a result, since you might not necessarily notice it right away, that means it can have time to end up causing some damage and discomfort to your smile, which you would (of course) prefer to avoid. While your two-times-a-year checkups will always shed light on this concern, you may wonder: Are there any obvious signs you’re overlooking between visits? It’s very possible!

#1: Someone Literally Mentions It To You

A very obvious sign of bruxism disorder? When someone says, “Hey! You’re grinding your teeth and I can hear it!” Or, when someone says, “Wow, could you be tensing your jaws up any harder?” which may happen when you’re clenching your teeth. Don’t become offended or dismiss such comments. Instead, schedule an appointment!

#2: Your Teeth Feel Awful

Think about what you’re doing to your smile if you’re chronically grinding or clenching. You’re causing irritation to nerves! As a result, you can expect some very strange and uncomfortable sensations in your teeth. Discomfort might not stop there! It can cause jaw joints, your face, and more to feel bad, too. Pay attention to discomfort and tell us if it happens.

#3: Your Tongue Border Has A New Contour

The outer border of your tongue has probably looked the same for most of your life. If you’re brushing your teeth one day and notice your usually uniform tongue border dips in and out, this is no random mystery. It’s likely scalloping due to bruxism disorder. Take it as a sign to call us!

Treat Bruxism Sooner By Recognizing It With Our Explanations

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