3 Things You’re Missing With Home Care

You might be missing some details with the care that you’re performing in your bathroom. Of course, we don’t think you’re intentionally sabotaging your dental hygiene. Instead, we think you may be unintentionally cutting corners or that you simply don’t realize you’re literally missing spots. When you know what you may be doing wrong, it makes it much easier to practice exceptional care!

#1: Flossing Behind Very Back Teeth

Yes, you may be flossing between all of your teeth just like we suggest. However, if you’re not finishing by flossing along the back surface of those very back teeth, you’re not doing the full plaque removal that you need for the best results. Make sure to add this in to your dental hygiene session.

#2: Brushing The Lingual Surface Of Teeth

It sounds fancy but “lingual” just refers to your tongue, or the teeth that face your tongue. You may think of this as the “inner” surface of your smile. Whatever you call it, remember to brush it, so you keep your entire smile clean.

#3: Your Timing Is Off

Maybe you’re just not brushing for the suggested amount of time, which means you should brush longer to enjoy successful results. Or, maybe it’s not the timing per session but your frequency that is off with your home dental care. This might overwhelm you to think about but dental hygiene is all very easy:

  • Brush in the morning and the evening
  • Floss once a day
  • When you brush, ensure it takes around two minutes
  • Floss until you have flossed between all teeth (and behind those back ones)

Promote Excellent Home Care With Our Advice

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