Month: January 2018

Your Smile: Ready To Push The Envelope?

For some, dental care is a routine that will remain identical throughout one’s entire life. Once you set habits that work for you, it’s often comfortable, easy, and certainly worthwhile to keep them up. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally feel like pushing the envelope. Maybe your smile is healthy but you really wish… Read more »

Fruit Forms: Watch Your Intake!

While you may not spend a lot of time thinking about fruit, it just might be important for your oral health that you do give a second thought to the berries, melons, citrus, and other delectable fruits out there. Beyond that, we encourage you to recognize that it may appear to you in many forms!… Read more »

Sugar Quiz: About That Sweet Tooth

Whether you have a serious sweet tooth or just enjoy indulging in desserts now and again, you may feel that sugar is your biggest enemy. While it’s certainly not good for your oral health, that doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily sized this ingredient up correctly. To make sure you have a realistic understanding of sugar and… Read more »

Kids And Flossing Resistance: Where To Begin?

Of course, it’s possible that your little kids will love flossing their smiles when you are all in the bathroom performing your dental hygiene routines together. Though we hope things work out so swimmingly for you, we also know that resistance to flossing is also a big possibility. So, what should you do when this… Read more »

AARP Tax Aide

We know, we know. You would much rather spend your afternoon and evening out and about doing something extremely fun! However, taxes must be done and, if you have questions, it’s best to have them answered! For the help you need with filling out forms (so you can finish the chore and get back to… Read more »

Porcelain: Must You Handle It With Caution?

When you are planning on replacing missing teeth, addressing damage, or covering up esthetic problems with beautiful porcelain restorations or cosmetic treatments, the future looks bright! This material is capable of looking natural and blending seamlessly with surrounding teeth (or creating the illusion that your teeth simply look much better). All signs point to a… Read more »

Control Cavities With Consistency

You might feel like controlling cavities isn’t something that anyone can do. Does it seem like whether or not you end up with tooth decay is steered by cosmic forces? Are you never really sure whether you’re headed toward a clean bill of oral health when you see us or if we are going to… Read more »

Smile Care: Can I Wait?

There are times when you may wait and think about what you’d like to do for your smile. Then, there are time when being hasty is absolutely essential. Not sure when to apply a bit of pressure and to make choices and act quickly … versus when you can just take a leisurely stroll through… Read more »

Your Smile: 3 Things You Can Overhaul

Sometimes, you just need a quick treatment or change to set things right again. In other moments, what you need is a major overhaul. This might apply to a variety of topics as they relate to your smile care or oral health. Perhaps you are in serious need of some education and assistance. Maybe you… Read more »

Ribbon Cutting For Erb Family Wellness Center

Are you interested in approaching your health and wellness through methods like chiropractic and nutrition? If so, you may be pleased to learn of the upcoming Ribbon Cutting For Erb Family Wellness Center event! Enjoy the celebration and find out more about the Wellness Center! The Event Join other community members, while you learn all… Read more »