Your Bridge: Care During Holiday Time!

When you’re a dental bridge wearer, you may wonder if there’s an easy way to keep things nice and clean when you’re on the go or when you end up at a relative’s home eating tons of yummy foods you don’t usually have on your plate! The good news is that you can most certainly do so without much effort. A few tricks of the trade will help.

Carry Floss Always And Forever

Carry floss with you if you have a dental bridge. You should do this over the holiday season and you should consider making a habit out of it every single day! If food becomes stuck between teeth and your bridge or between the device and your gums, you’ll be ready at the drop of a hat to get everything nice and clean again.

Bring Along Your Brush

Why floss without brushing? For a truly clean smile, you may wish to carry a small brush and toothpaste (check out the trial size aisle at your drugstore). Your dental bridge will become not only free of food particles but will also feel fresh as a result.

Drink Water (And Swish)

Drink water when you’re enjoying your holiday meal. It’s a good choice for many reasons. First, it’s neutral and is therefore safe for your smile. It also acts like water acts when you pour it over just about anything: It cleanses! Swish if you have the chance! It will remove pieces of food that are stuck between teeth and around your dental bridge. When you head to the restroom after your meal to floss and brush, food should already be easy to remove.

Enjoy Simple Bridge Care With Our Guidance

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