Toothpaste Concerns: 3 Easy Answers

Like anything else having to do with your teeth, toothpaste can elicit some concerns. Are you using the stuff you should be using? Are there risks you’re unsure about (and are those weird rumors you keep hearing true at all)? How about how much to put on your brush? We know that it seems like choosing dental hygiene products and working with them seems like it should be super easy. However, sometimes you’ll have questions (and we will always be more than pleased to answer them!).

Answer: Just Don’t Eat It

You might be asking if your toothpaste is safe for you because we encourage you to use fluoride. You’ve heard that this mineral is toxic! Here’s the real deal: It’s only going to upset your tummy if you actually swallow a bunch of it. Other than that, you can absolutely (and should) use it daily without concern. Just, you know … don’t eat it.

Answer: Yes, Really, Just A Pea-Size Amount!

Are you wondering if a pea-size dab of paste is really what an adult needs? It is. Don’t assume more is better for effective dental hygiene.

Answer: Try Anything You Like

If you are asking the question, “Is there a brand or flavor that’s the best?” the answer is no. The answer is also to try out anything you like, assuming your selection has fluoride in it (which is very important in keeping enamel safe). Also, the toothpaste shouldn’t have any additives that can scrape up teeth. You don’t need extra exfoliants during dental hygiene. Your soft toothbrush bristles are all you require to remove plaque (along with paste). Enjoy testing out different options!

Take Our Toothpaste Tips On For Easier Shopping

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