How Does Bonding Fix A Tooth In One Visit?

If you have a chipped tooth, then your smile could be at risk of developing serious oral health complications. Fortunately, repairing a chipped tooth doesn’t necessarily mean multiple visits. In fact, we can often fix a tooth in one visit use dental bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bonding

Question: Why does a chipped tooth need repair?

Answer: When we chip a tooth, often the inner layers of dentin become exposed. Bacteria can move past the outer enamel and once in the dentin, can cause decay to form. Patients then experience tooth sensitivity, toothaches, and a greater risk of dental infection. By repairing the tooth, you enjoy a more esthetically pleasing smile while also safeguarding your tooth against the onset of decay and other complications.

Question: How does the bonding procedure work?

Answer: We begin by removing any decay and then cleaning the tooth. We may etch the tooth’s surface to help the material stay in place as it cures. We apply the composite resin material in several layers onto the tooth. We can then sculpt the tooth as it cures under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth, which helps ensure a more natural appearance. The entire procedure only takes one visit.

Question: Will the tooth look natural?

Answer: Yes! We color-match the material to ensure it blends seamlessly with your smile. We also use the same material for our tooth-colored and metal-free dental fullings.

Question: What else can bonding do?

Answer: We can use the procedure to close unsightly gaps between the teeth, and also to mask permanent teeth stains. Some forms of discoloration are intrinsic, which means they form below the enamel. These are often difficult to remove with traditional teeth whitening. Fortunately, we can simply mask them with bonding.

Do You Have a Chipped Tooth?

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