3 Potential Dangers Of Using Teeth To Unwrap Gifts

Yes, your teeth are quite strong and resilient. They can help you tear a piece of bread apart. You may rely on them to crunch through chips and to break down something as tough as a steak. However, even though they appear to be quite the durable tool, they’re not the type of tool you should be using for anything else. Not chewing? Not forming words? Then you’re not supposed to ask for support from your teeth. Otherwise, if you use them to unwrap gifts (for example), you might not be very happy with the dental health consequences.

#1: Break A Tooth

Don’t laugh! It’s real and we have seen it before. You think that paper products are thin and flimsy, so opening up your gift with some assistance from your teeth won’t be a big deal. However, tape might get in the way. Your grandmother may have used some surprisingly substantial, heavy-weight paper. You may not have realized you grabbed part of the box, too! All of these factors and more might cause chips and worse for your dental health.

#2: Paper Cut Your Lips Or Tongue

We don’t love mentioning it but it is certainly worth warning you. Everyone knows how excruciating paper cuts can feel, though they are slim and tiny. Don’t end up with this type of wound on your lip, tongue, or anywhere else near your mouth. It’s not fun or safe for your dental health.

#3: Swallow Something On Accident

Didn’t mean to swallow that sticker? Bit of paper? Tinsel? Glitter? Glue? Tape? Don’t swallow anything strange or chance choking. Simply don’t use your mouth to unwrap presents!

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