Month: December 2017

Mouthwash Notes From Your Family Dentist

Mouthwash can be a touchy subject. It can be a part of a healthy dental hygiene routine, but it is rarely absolutely necessary to good dental health. For most of us, there is not a single “right” mouthwash answer. There are prescription mouthwashes and mouth rinses, that combat specific conditions. If you dentist or orthodontist… Read more »

What To Say When Your Child Won’t Brush

Even kids who’ve been good little boys and girls for Santa can get cranky when it comes to brushing. They may not have much understanding of how brushing relates to good overall dental health. The words “tooth decay” and “dental hygiene” are not a part of their everyday vocabulary. And for children, there are lots… Read more »

Leave Home With Peace of Mind

If travel will take you away from home for an extended time, the Vacation House Watch program can give you peace of mind. This service is provided by the Southlake Police Department, for Southlake residents who will be away for more than just a few days. Officers from the Southlake Police Department will drive by… Read more »

Christmas Gifts In January

Were you hoping someone would surprise you and tell you that they set up teeth whitening as your Christmas gift? Had you planned on giving yourself some wonderful presents come holiday time, so you could enter into the bright, shiny new year with a smile that’s in much better shape than it was in 2017?… Read more »

Toothpaste Concerns: 3 Easy Answers

Like anything else having to do with your teeth, toothpaste can elicit some concerns. Are you using the stuff you should be using? Are there risks you’re unsure about (and are those weird rumors you keep hearing true at all)? How about how much to put on your brush? We know that it seems like… Read more »

2018 For Your Kids: Choose Sealants

Yes, you’ve already got your kids’ gifts wrapped up and they’re waiting under the twinkling tree. Now, it’s the final countdown until the wrapping paper is off, the kids are smiling, and the adults are on major cleanup duty! However, you may be wondering if there’s anything you missed. Did you read those wish lists… Read more »

Friday Movie Event!  

Don’t want the coziness to end once the big day (Christmas, of course!) is over but you really think it would be a good idea to get out of the house? Have your holiday cake and eat it, too, with the upcoming Friday Movie event! It’s for “kids” of all ages! What Is This? The… Read more »

3 Potential Dangers Of Using Teeth To Unwrap Gifts

Yes, your teeth are quite strong and resilient. They can help you tear a piece of bread apart. You may rely on them to crunch through chips and to break down something as tough as a steak. However, even though they appear to be quite the durable tool, they’re not the type of tool you… Read more »

Cosmetic Resolutions To Consider

You might be ready to sit down with paper and pen, think over 2017, and get going with those resolutions of yours. What you may not have exactly worked out yet, however, is what you’re going to include when it comes to your teeth! If your smile is pretty healthy but you’re not really thrilled… Read more »

The Flu Quiz: Don’t Share It (Or Receive It!)

There are many gifts you’d like to receive this year (and probably many you are very excited to give). However, we are fairly certain that “the flu” is not on either of your lists. So, how to make sure you’re not the giver or recipient of this fairly common virus? We think a dental hygiene… Read more »