Smile Care: Save Your Hands This Season

You may wonder why a dental practice is talking to you about your hands. Usually, we tell you all about your teeth and gums, your tongue, too, but not your hands! Take a moment to consider how much your hands are involved in your smile care and you’ll realize that we just might be onto something! You use them to hold your toothbrush, to squeeze out toothpaste, to brush your teeth, to wind your floss, to floss … the list goes on and on! Of course, throw winter into the mix and your hands may start to become extremely dry! We have some suggestions you might not have considered.

Swap Your Soap

Do you tend to get your hands nice and clean before you dive into your flossing session? Good call! You’ll ingest fewer viruses this way! However, if you’re using the same soap you used throughout the summer months, you may find it’s too drying. Even if you still stick with an antibacterial variety, you may wish to find something more moisturizing. You’ll be able to enjoy clean hands for your smile care but without stripping all of the moisture away!

Add Lotion

Not usually one for hand lotion? You might want to start right now before all of the hand washing, rinsing, and more starts to take a toll on your skin as temperatures plummet! Keep hand lotion in close proximity to your sink. Keep it by the front door, so you can use it as you leave the house. Whatever works best. You’ll find that incorporating this detail into your smile care can actually help your skin health throughout the winter, so you don’t find yourself with uncomfortable, stinging fingertips during dental hygiene!

Take Our Smile Care Tips Seriously!

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