Eat Orange Food For Smile Health!

“Really?” you may wonder to yourself, “can I really eat any orange food and have it benefit my oral health?” Well, not exactly. When it comes to the artificial stuff, you’re usually looking at food coloring, which isn’t doing anything spectacular for your smile. However, when we are discussing natural foods, the ones that grow from the ground, on a vine, etc., their coloring is often the result of a pigment that can bode very well for the health of your oral tissues. “Like pumpkins?” you might ask. Yep! Let’s cover some details.

Types Of Foods

First, let’s discuss some of the orange foods we’re thinking of that can be very good for your oral health. Think about the stuff you see at a pumpkin patch, the deep orange foods you expect at a Thanksgiving spread, and you’ll be on the right path. Not orange fruits or drinks or cheese puffs. We’re talking primarily about foods, such as pumpkins (bright orange), squashes (orange to yellow), sweet potatoes (they’re a vibrant orange inside). Starchy foods with orange coloring are full of a nutrient that’s great for your smile!

Why Beta-Carotene Is So Wonderful

Thank beta-carotene for the beautiful and rich coloring of the aforementioned foods! Not only does it create the warm, cozy appearance of the orange delicacies but it also offers oral health benefits. Load up on these foods during fall (and throughout the year) to get your vitamin A (the beta-carotene turns into this vitamin when you eat it). It’s great for keeping dry mouth away. It will assist in keeping your teeth hard and strong, too.

Eat Nutritious Foods For Better Oral Health

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