Wisdom Teeth FAQs: Things You’re Unsure About

What you know for sure when it comes to your wisdom teeth is that if they pose some sort of a problem for your oral health, we will suggest having them removed. However, there are some lingering questions that you may have about these types of dental extractions. For instance: What if you don’t need them, does that ever happen? We are happy to offer some additional insight, so you have a clearer understanding of what you can expect from third molars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens if my wisdom teeth come in without any problems at all? Will you still encourage me to have them removed or do I just leave them as they are?

Answer: This will be your call. If you can keep them healthy with ease, you are free to leave them as they are. If they are hard for you to keep clean, then you may request removal.

Question: When should I start keeping an eye on my child’s teeth and expecting wisdom teeth to arrive? Will they come in the same year that mine did?

Answer: Don’t assume they will arrive at the same time that yours did. However, recognize that third molars usually develop and show up during late teen years through early twenties.

Question: What should I do about the openings in the back of my smile after wisdom teeth removal? Will you recommend replacement teeth like implants?

Answer: We will not! You do not need them. Third molars are not an integral part of your smile, so there is no need to seek replacements.

Ask Us About Wisdom Teeth Care

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