Oral Health: Don’t Judge A Smile By Its Appearance!

What do you think when someone smiles at you and you catch a quick glimpse of their grin? If it’s bright white, do you automatically make assumptions about that individual? How about if it’s a dingy, discolored grin? Do you make other guesses about his or her life? We’d like to remind you that it’s not always safe to judge a smile by its appearance. Oral health is not about the way a smile looks in every instance. Discover a little bit more.

A Beautiful Smile May Be Unhealthy

Do people tell you frequently that you have a beautiful smile and then you feel the need to admit you haven’t seen a dentist in years? Perhaps you make this assumption about people you know! The truth is, it’s entirely possible to have a very beautiful, white smile, while experiencing oral health issues like cavities and more.

A Healthy Smile May Be Unattractive

You might have a very healthy smile or know someone who does. The problem is that the healthy smile in question might not look so attractive. If it’s your smile in question, you may find that you feel frustrated because you care for your oral health but it looks like you don’t. Remember, esthetic damage like chips and yellowing do not affect the wellbeing of your oral tissues, so this is absolutely possible.

Ask For Help In Either Case

Whether you wish your smile could be healthier or better looking (or even both), remember to let us know that you are ready for dental care. Call us up, set up a consultation, and you’ll be well on your way!

Achieve True Oral Health And A Beautiful Smile With Us

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