Oral Health: 3 Problems You’re (Unintentionally) Causing

Even when you’re putting your best foot forward (or your best toothbrush and toothpaste forward, we should say), it doesn’t mean you’re going to see all good results all the time. Why not, you wonder? Well, you might be overlooking some negative oral health habits you’ve been taking part in, too! You know why you’re overlooking them? If you guessed: “Because I’m not doing them on purpose?” then you are absolutely correct. As frustrating as this can be, it’s also very simple to gather up some possibilities. If they affect you, we can help you address any damage and turn things around!

Your Scalloped Tongue Border (And More)

What’s with the bumpy border of your tongue, you wonder? Why do your teeth feel sensitive? What’s with your facial pain? If these are questions that have been coming and going for you, you may be someone with bruxism disorder. This is the more clinical way of saying you grind your teeth or you clench them. Guess what? It’s not a voluntary action. So, as long as you’re on time with your checkups, we will discover it, tell you how to fix this oral health problem, and you’ll be just fine.

Your Dry Mouth

You might not know that you’re causing your own dry mouth (which may contribute to halitosis, cavity development, etc.) but it’s entirely possible. Consider the list of what might be happening:

  • You’re taking pills that cause it
  • You’re not drinking enough water
  • You’re Smoking
  • You’re not treating your congestion issues

Your Gum Recession

Untreated periodontal problems or vigorous brushing: One or the other may be causing your gum recession. See us for a visit and we can assist you in addressing one or the other (or both) oral health concern.

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