A Little Fun With Letters G U M

Give us a G! Give us a U! Give us an M! What’s that spell? If you guessed “gum” then you got it right! Why are we cheering for your gum tissue today, you wonder? Well, it’s the stuff that provides a supportive framework to your teeth, which you require for optimal oral health and an ability to complete those daily details like chewing and talking that are so important. Since it’s easy to overlook the necessity of caring for this tissue, we’d like to work our way through a quick trick that makes GUM a very helpful acronym. Keep the letters and their attributed meanings in mind and you’ll find that it’s easy to keep up with your smile health.


G is for Gingival tissue. Do you know what this is? It’s another way of referring to the soft tissue that makes up your gum tissue. It’s susceptible to inflammation and infection, which begins as gingivitis. When you care for this tissue, it remains light pink in color, flush against your teeth, and it helps you maintain a healthy smile with stable, healthy teeth.


U is for Untreated disease. As we mentioned, if bacteria are permitted to remain in contact with your gum tissue (meaning you are not brushing, flossing, and scheduling your cleanings with us consistently), then gingivitis may develop. When you leave this disease untreated, it will progress through stages that are more and more destructive. Maintain preventive care and treat the first sign of gum issues and you will not need to worry about gum damage, tooth loss, or other concerns.


M is for Make an appointment. In addition to the cleanings and checkups you should set up every six months with our team for the professional portion of your preventive care, you should also give us a call the second you notice any change with your gums. Are they red, purple, inflamed, uncomfortable, etc.? Let us know!

Come In For Gum Health Protection

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