Month: September 2017

Tooth Loss Quiz: Know Your Terms!

Whether you’ve already got quite a full glossary of terms memorized regarding tooth loss or if you are new to this topic and are simply trying to figure out what to do about missing teeth, a review is always nice! Since it’s always beneficial to feel informed regarding the issues you’re experiencing with your smile, we… Read more »

Fluorosis: A Friendly Quiz

You may hear a lot of rumors about fluoride. The good news is that if you’ve spoken to us about fluoridated toothpaste at all, you know that it’s not toxic unless you choose to eat an entire tube in one sitting, that it’s perfectly safe for daily use, and that it’s actually essential in the… Read more »

Southlake Style Women’s Luncheon

Interested in joining like-minded women for a delicious lunch, during which you can socialize, raise money for a wonderful cause, and experience a pretty inspiring presentation, too? Look no further than the Southlake Style Women’s Luncheon! About the Event This is your chance to benefit the community, while you dine on a gourmet lunch with… Read more »

Oral Infections: 3 Things You Should Know

There are a few things you should know about oral infections. What you may already know is that when you keep your smile in good health by caring for it at home and by calling us up to schedule visits, the chance of facing infections is much slimmer. However, this problem is always a possibility!… Read more »

What Are Mamelons And What Can I Do?

Perhaps we mentioned that you have mamelons on your incisors. While this funny word may have struck you as some sort of nonsensical announcement, it’s actually just a very simple detail regarding little bumps present on some of your teeth. If you have them, you will immediately recognize what it is we’re talking about. You… Read more »

3 Suggestions For Teen Smile Health

Just as you’re finally out of the woods with making sure your little ones have become consistent with their dental hygiene habits and they no longer really need dental sealants, you arrive at a new chapter: The teenager years! Now, as they move away from their little kid selves and are inching their way closer… Read more »

3 Ways To Promote A Healthy, Mature Smile

Perhaps you are currently wondering what you can do to ensure your smile is healthy, intact, and feeling wonderful when you’re in your more mature years. Perhaps you’ve already reached them and you’re curious about what you should tell your children regarding the best approach to maintaining exceptional oral health for a lifetime. You’ll be… Read more »

Oktoberfest 2017 Is Here!

Guten tag, guten morgen, and willkommen! If you’re an enthusiast of Oktoberfest, then you will certainly be pleased to be reminded that Southlake’s Oktoberfest 2017 is just around the corner! Check your calendars and get ready for fun! What Is This? Oktoberfest Southlake for 2017 is everything you’ve been anticipating (and possibly a little bit… Read more »

The Many Ways Toward A Whiter Smile

There is not just one path toward the whiter smile of your dreams. Instead, there are a bunch of different ways you can approach making your smile appear free of stains and dramatically brighter. To assist you on your way throughout this very exciting part of your lifelong smile journey, we would love to help… Read more »

Dental Contouring: All The Advantageous Details

When your smile isn’t everything you want it to be, it can put a serious damper on your daily life. You feel great about everything else but every time you catch a glimpse of your smile in the mirror, you just wish you could make some little improvements to it, so you could feel confident… Read more »