Stains: An FAQ Review

Seeing smile stains when you look in the mirror is never something anyone enjoys experiencing. However, it’s an extremely common issue! Why so? Well, your teeth are resilient but they are also susceptible to different types of stains. Even natural wear and tear can yield some level of discoloration, simply because you rely on your teeth every single day. The good news is that we provide cosmetic care to transform your smile back into a glowing, vibrant feature. For now, let’s make our way through some frequently asked questions, so you understand what’s going on with your smile and what you can do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do my teeth look stained from the inside?

Answer: Sometimes, very deep stains may develop as the result of certain medication side effects or from trauma. If your stains are in fact intrinsic (or deep within your teeth), you may require something to camouflage them, such as veneers or bonding, instead of whitening.

Question: Is there a single reason for teeth yellowing? What type of stain is this?

Answer: If your smile looks yellowed, a little darker, or has just lost its vivid appearance, this is likely extrinsic staining. This type of smile stain occurs due to exposure to pigmented foods and natural wear and tear. It affects the outer layer of your teeth, which we may treat effectively with teeth whitening.

Question: How can I figure out which type of stain is affecting my smile and which treatment is appropriate for my smile stains?

Answer: We always suggest that you don’t try to do any of this on your own. Instead, take the easy route by scheduling time to sit down with our team for a cosmetic consultation. The result? We can identify your stain types and suggest appropriate treatments, while explaining each one.

See Us For Stain Removal With Cosmetic Care

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